Studio Policies

These guidelines and studio rules are here to create a smooth transition between sessions and to insure that each student has my full attention without interruption.

Please note Music Preparation instructions.

I strive to to keep our sessions focused on the music or task at hand.

  1. During a session we cover technique, repertoire where applicable, any scheduling issues which can’t be taken care of in the online calendar, and any other concerns regarding your singing or speech progress.

  2. Sessions begin promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes beforehand (at outside door or 5 minutes at the apartment door). This should give you sufficient time to get settled before your start time but also allows for the previous client to depart, freeing the studio for your session.

  3. Upon arrival please leave your personal belongings in the designated area in the foyer or living room. Allow time if you need to remove your shoes or boots when the weather is inclement.

  4. Bring just your music and recording device and purse or briefcase into the studio. Please do not bring coffee or tea into the studio. Water is always provided.

  5. Upon completion of your session, please collect your belongings and vacate the studio quickly, so I can prepare for my next client. You are welcome to use the facilities before you leave.