Paula is a phenomenal teacher. Her lessons bring light into my life and help me to expand the freedom of my soul.
— Harriet M Kleiner - Sound Healer, Artist
In the two years I worked with Paula Liscio, I gained much confidence and trust in my voice. She has always taught with affirmative reinforcements and kind exploration. She’s never on autopilot and never assumes the same approach for every voice. She has led me on a path to find strength in my voice and joy in singing.
— Trey Gillen - AEA, AGMA, SAG Dancer, Singer, Choreographer
I came to Paula with an abundance of tension when I sang. She taught me to relax my body and mind as I approach my singing, resulting in a true freedom of sound. Not only have I benefited from her vocal technique, but also from her knowledge of performance, expression, and execution. I’ve become more of a “whole” singer since working with Paula.
— Karen Kolterman - Singer, Actress
Always so good to return to the fundamentals of classical/bel canto technique for its clear bright sound, particularly after me spending over a year on the Billie Holiday project, which was starting to flatten my sound.

Paula quickly honed in on how to bring more brightness and focus to my voice...AND she got me to sing a G two octaves above middle C, a place I never knew I could go. Brava Paula!
— Liz Shaler de los Santos - Singer, Songwriter
As Paula’s student, I saw immediate results. My range has nearly doubled, and the quality of my singing has gone to a whole new level of depth and interpretation. She didn’t try to impose a style of singing or “sound” on me, but rather set about helping me to find and set free my own true voice.

She’s the whole package. Her clear, direct performance tips and strategies give you a huge boost in confidence and know-how from the start of rehearsals right through to the final performance. Her training even carried over into my writing, helping to refresh it—and me.
— Sheila Gaffney - Screenwriter, WGAE
Love Paula Liscio! She has worked wonders with two of my singing sons!
— Stephanie Pedersen - Nutritionist, Author
Having a lesson with Paula is an amazing experience in learning about your voice and expanding the possibilities of your singing expression. She is deeply knowledgeable, and, even more than that, she is able transmit her vast knowledge in a way that can be easily understood and immediately utilized.

Paula is a gem of a voice teacher!! It is great privilege and gift to be taught by a teacher of such amazing talent, depth, and also goodness of heart!
— Mercedes Garcia - Entrepreneur
I have not sung in more than 20 years. Even though I had professional training in the past, I did not like my voice. After one lesson with Paula, I love my voice again. She heard what was missing, and quickly taught me how to produce a richer, more connected sound. I am happy to have signed up for more lessons and can’t wait to see what happens next.
— Carrie Bickner - Webdesigner, Singer


In addition to learning the benefits of correct breathing and how to reach the last row of an audience without a mic, her playful techniques and warm personality made the sessions fun. I see results every time I apply her tools. Paula not only offers excellence and expertise, but a huge passion for what she does. I highly recommend her as a vocal coach.
— Regina Huber -Confidence & Presence Coach Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance
My practice as a healer requires a 40+ minute monologue. I’ve suffered from allergies for fifty years, but this year I noticed I had a lot of problems with my speaking voice, which made it very difficult to do my healing sessions. 
I was referred to Paula Liscio by a mutual friend and was amazed with the results I got within 24 hours, after just one session! Paula recommended both vocal and breathing exercises plus a book on sinus care which resulted in reversing my sinus problems 100%! I will be forever grateful for Paula’s wisdom & guidance.

— Noreen S.
Paula was recommended as a voice coach because I spoke using my throat incorrectly and my voice always sounded and felt strained. In a very short time through exercises and an understanding of the body, my voice has improved dramatically . Paula’s suggestions, explanations, and hints along with her positive encouraging personality made the sessions enjoyable and the improvement in my voice was dramatic and quick.
— Linda Rosengart - Renaissance Woman
I originally consulted with Paula to help me with my speaking voice. I was suffering from a chronic scratchiness and hoarseness due to a neck injury. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to keep up my coaching schedule and public speaking was out of the question.

We worked on breath support, sustained speech and open throat exercises so I could speak for longer periods of time without getting hoarse. Then we worked on the use of dynamics, pitch, rhythm to make my speeches more interesting.

Once my hoarseness was pretty much gone and I became more comfortable with speaking, we worked on my stage presentation - how to project myself from my voice to my entire being. How I entered the stage, what I wore, and how I engaged the audience.

After working with Paula on a new series of speeches, I had by far the most successful presentation of my career. I signed several new clients from that one event gaining more 1:1 clients than at any other events I’d done before. I got the best feedback/testimonials I’ve ever received. And the event organizers came to me and told me my session was one of the best sessions of the entire conference.

Since then I have felt more confident and present than I had ever felt before-which in turn allowed me to book more future gigs with confidence and trust in myself. I now speak more often and was just hired to be a keynote speaker for a major event here in Las Vegas.

I would highly recommend Paula if you are looking to be a stand out speaker, to feel more confident, and to really take your speaking to completely new level.
— RaShelle Roberts - Creative Business Coach Founder/Creator of The Creative Business Manifesto


Prior to the session, I didn’t know what to expect and was completely open to the experience. Paula’s welcoming nature from the start made it easy for me to relax. It wasn’t until the end of the session that I realized how dramatically my body felt more aligned when compared to the start. The best way I can describe it is at the beginning feeling like my body or the lines of my body were slightly askew. At the end, I feel like the lines were put rightfully in their place. I didn’t want to get up and disturb the sense of deep rest and alignment I felt. It’s like I felt a new internal north star. I could feel in my body a new level of alignment that I’d like to feel everyday. I highly recommend the experience of receiving a Sound Bath by Paula!
— Ninna Amora, Creator of Live Embodied